How Alternative Funding Preserved an Entrepreneur’s Legacy

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The late founder of a tattoo supply company was a beloved businessman who had enough passion for tattoo culture to inspire a miniature empire. His company is a lasting product of his accomplishments. They offer tattoo and piercing equipment, manufacture original products, and is one of the largest ink suppliers for tattoo parlors. The company is a business founded on love for the art of tattoo and the culture that fuels the craft.

Like many small businesses, they ran into unforeseen, yet all too common, financial burdens that threatened to shut down the operation in late 2014. Inventory was low and they needed to restock quickly but didn’t have access to the funds the order required. The entrepreneur and his team sought out a traditional bank loan, and they found that the banks only caused more stress and offered no solution to this critical problem. Due to the strict requirements and long application process for the loan he had to find the cash another way.

He looked to alternative lenders for help. That is when he found Pro Funding Source LLC and got the funding that saved his business. Pro Funding Source is an alternative funder that specializes in Merchant Cash Advances (MCAs). MCAs provide an extremely quick application approval review and don’t ask for any collateral. Pro Funding Source approved the application and was able to fund the tattoo supplier by January 2015. Unfortunately, the founder passed away but his company is still in business and has remained a trustworthy client with Pro Funding Source.

A Long time employee and HR Payroll Accountant we spoke to said, “Because of the funding we were able to restock our inventory and grow our business… We love Pro Funding Source”. It’s not too often that a funding company hears that kind of praise! She has maintained a relationship with Pro Funding Source because she knows that they want her business to continue to thrive and have her company’s best interest at heart. Pro Funding Source is proud to be a part of their story. They know that if unforeseeable financial problems ever arise they can always turn to Pro Funding Source for help.

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