Working Capital

Working Capital is a general term for commercial financing. We offer a wide variety of products and constantly look to add to our program offerings.

Pro Funding Source is dedicated to providing best in class financial lending solutions to small and medium sized businesses.

We recognize that all business owners need an injection of capital at different time and for different reasons to keep the business running and growing.

Working Capital

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the funding criteria

Fico Score: 450+
Funding Amount: $2,500 – $5,000,000
Term Length: 3 Months – 5 Years
Time in Business: 3 Months+
Time to Fund: As Fast as 24 Hours

How Does it Work?

  • Apply online with our simplified Working Capital Application.
  • Discussing your funding needs with one of our Case Managers so we can get to know your business and the state of your financials.
  • Get funding for your business in as little as 24 hours to help your business grow and succeed.

Why Choose Pro Funding Source?

  • At Pro Funding Source, we are committed to assisting businesses with their financial and funding needs through a streamlined and business-friendly process.
  • With a simple and easy application process, accessing working capital has never been this effortless.
  • Best of all, our terms are highly competitive.

Using Pro Funding Source for Working Capital

Many people who start businesses take the time to plan, frequently also factoring in bad days where they may make losses. However, even the best plans can turn out to be insufficient for some circumstances, in which case the business might need to turn to third parties for financial help. Pro Funding Source has developed a reputation for being there for many of such firms at these dire times, ensuring that they have cash inflows to tide them over until business improves.

One of the worst-case scenarios in running a business is losing working capital. This is money set aside for the day to day running of the business, and is also sometimes used to measure the company’s efficiency and performance. It is good business practice to ensure that any business has enough working capital at any time, so that growth is assured. This is because the working capital is used to run daily operations. However, it is easy to find oneself in a situation where they don’t have enough working capital, which in turn means that some day to day functions may be disabled. When the situation is severe, it could lead to crippling of the business and a complete shut-down.

To avoid this, small and medium sized enterprises can get working capital from credit facilities. These come in many forms including bank overdrafts, equity funding and more. Pro Funding Source provides multiple alternative finance solutions which can be used to obtain working capital. Funding is rapidly made available to the company, unlike other conventional lending institutions which may take too long after approval. The business-friendly nature of Pro Funding Source operations means that the terms and conditions for this type of funding are extremely favorable for the business in question.